Sir Francis Specials

At Francis Pony you’ll always find something special behind the bar. The Francis Specials are homemade specialties you won’t find anywhere else! Come have a glass or a bottle – we won’t judge! And remember that Sir Francis is always cooking up new Specials – follow us at Facebook and be the first to know!


Shots for the gentle pony

Ginger & apple

The reason why Sir Francis never gets sick – our homemade
ginger & apple shots! Try them straight from the bottle!

Blueberry & Litchi

Sir Francis had a ‘touchy feely’ day and made this sweet homemade shot.
Perfect when you’re in the mood for a Francis Pony romance.


Wanna dance and drink fruity ponylicious shots at the same time,
we got your back!


Wine can cure anything – we have decided to make it a little more delish’
Enjoy ponies!


Experimenting is always good and doing it with alcohol is even better!
Francis’ ponies love licorice!


Be fruity with us!

20 DKK // 10 shots – 150 DKK

Signature Cocktails

Raspberry Mumble

Vodka, Raspberry Puré, Lime & Sugar

Pony Passion

Vodka, Passion Puré, Vanilla Liqueur, Lime & Sugar

Long Island Iced Tea

Vodka, Tequila, Rum, Gin, MB Triple Sec, Lemon & Cola

The Zombie

Stroh Rum, Rum Silver, Dark Rum, Lime, Passion Syrup,
Grenadine, Pineapple Juice & Angostura